Terms of Use & Service

Contracted company agrees to pay Hire the Winners the day the hired candidate starts working. The amount paid will be the price posted on the website at www.hirethewinners.com: All Industries or Automotive > How To Get Started. Hire the Winners will run a Hiring Campaign using said company’s name (unless specified "Blind Ad" on the application form), post the job online at Indeed.com, ZipRecruiter.com, numerous job boards as well as other social media sites, send emails to applicants on Indeed's resume database with your job posting, and email applicants in your area from Hire the Winners’ database. The contracted company agrees to pay Hire the Winners for anyone hired for the advertised position during the hiring campaign or (If the person that was brought to your company from the hiring campaign is hired for any position up to 90 days from the expiration of the hiring campaign, the fee for the position hired is due). Exceptions (1) Candidates you are currently interviewing emailed to info2@hirethewinners.com within 72-hours of the start of the hiring campaign or (2) All other exceptions outside of the 72 hour window please email the name of the proposed exception and the documentation showing the date you started working with them, to smunyan@hirethewinners.com for consideration within 30 days of the expiration of the hiring campaign.  Any person hired that made application with Hire the Winners (from the hiring campaign and prior to the hire date) and not on the 72 hour exceptions list, the hiring fee will apply (If you choose to advertise during the hiring campaign, the Terms of Service still apply to all hires).   It is the responsibility of the company to inform Hire the Winners of the start date of the candidate hired, no later than 72 hours of the completion of the candidate's first day. The company agrees to pay Hire the Winners by credit card within 72 hours of the day the hired candidate starts working with contracted company. Your credit card will be charged the day the candidate starts working and is confirmed by the company or the person hired.


The candidate hired by the company will be guaranteed for 30 days from the start date. If the candidate resigns, is terminated or leaves for any reason within 30 days of the start date, Hire the Winners will run the Basic Hiring Campaign at no charge for 30 days to find a replacement.  (If more than one candidate is hired the fee will apply) Company must email info2@hirethewinners.com the name of person, start date, and the last day of employment.  Make request within 10 days of termination with a maximum of 40 days from hire date to qualify for replacement.  When the hiring campaign is over and all qualified candidates from the free hiring campaign have been sent, the guarantee obligation will have been satisfied.  If the company hires a replacement for that position or elects not to fill that position the replacement guarantee will not apply. The replacement guarantee must be used immediately following separation. There are no refunds on hiring campaigns or hiring fees.

Terms of Use & Service - Free Application

There is no charge to take the Car Sales Simulator®, receive a personal telephone interview or present your information to the company. The Car Sales Simulator® results are the property of Hire the Winners and they are under no obligation to provide the results to the person completing the simulation.  The company will contact you if they desire to set up an interview. Hire the Winners has no obligation to release the name of the company that the application was presented to or to review the results of the Car Sales Simulator® with the applicant.