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Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams

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  • Our hiring tools make sense for companies that want to use technology to their advantage and "outsource" expensive time consuming HR responsibilities
  • We are cost effective providing tools and services that save companies money
  • We are all about long term thinking integrating effective hiring tools into your culture
  • You can stay FOCUSED ON doing what you do best and let us do what we do best: Find you QUALIFIED CANDIDATES cost effectively!
  • We can give you an immediate online presence for a fraction of what it would cost you!
  • We save you TIME so you can FOCUS on selling and managing your team

About Us

Lee Kemp, former Ford Dealer for 14 years, and founder and partner of Hire the Winners (Business Recruiting firm), and co-founder and partner of LKNutrition (a Nutritional Company), is a keynote speaker, educator, author and seminar presenter who has spoken to audiences around the world.

Known as one of the greatest wrestlers in United States history, Lee coached the US Olympic team to victory in Beijing (2008 was a member of the US Olympic Team as an athlete (1980), a 3x World Champion (1978, 1979, 1982) and is one of only five Americans in the International Wrestling Hall of Fame (FILA). Lee won 3 NCAA titles in college losing only on a split referee’s decision in his freshman year keeping him from being the 1st 4-time NCAA champion in US history. After his freshman year Lee didn’t lose another collegiate bout posting 108 victories and one draw against collegiate competition that included a win over the legendary Dan Gable.

Lee has been featured in Sports Illustrated and Life magazine alongside other Olympic greats such as Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses and Greg Louganis.

Following a difficult childhood in foster care in Cleveland, Ohio, Lee was adopted at age five and raised on a farm in Chardon, Ohio, a rural Northeast Ohio town. He brings his unique story of loss, courage and success to inspire, motivate and empower his audiences.

An entrepreneur with an M.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Nutritional Certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine, Lee's athletic, academic and business background provide a level of exposure, experience and knowledge that keeps him in demand and makes him one of today's most sought after speakers. Kemp remains active on the wrestling scene, teaching and mentoring youth, high school, college and Olympic level wrestlers at his wrestling academy and at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Following his passion for healthy living Lee frequently lectures to audiences on nutrition, health and wellness. Also Lee Kemp is currently the subject of a film documentary on his life and Lee appeared in a minor role in Academy Award Best Director Nominated, Bennet Miller’s movie “Foxcatcher” featuring Channing Tatum and Steve Carell.

Lee resides in Chicago, IL with two of his three children.

Lee Kemp, creator of "The Car Sales Simulator®" birthed the idea for the simulator in the 90's. As a Ford Dealer, Lee experienced incredible frustration in hiring and retaining sales consultants. In the midst of his frustration, he saw simulators in other fields that he thought could work well in the automotive industry. Lee started by involving dozens of automotive experts in the designing and writing of realistic simulations involving sales consultants and customers interacting when attempting to purchase a vehicle. Lee's vision was to create a tool that would measure the dominant traits necessary to be an effective auto sales consultant. After a significant time and financial investment, "The Car Sales Simulator®" was born. In 2004, Hire the Winners launched its new creation at the NADA Convention in New Orleans. Over the past 9 years, tens of thousands have experienced the Car Sales Simulator® and hundreds of companies have integrated this unique tool into their business model.

Lee continued to improve the simulator with feedback from numerous automotive experts, most recently updating and fine tuning the program in January 2009 when Steve Munyan partnered with Hire the Winners. Steve brings more than 38 years automotive retail experience and has focused on Lee's vision of "creating a world class simulator that helps dealers hire and retain better auto sales consultants, thereby being more profitable in today's economic climate". Steve possesses a passion for excellence and a belief that all auto dealers need a world class hiring process. There's no question that the "Car Sales Simulator®" has become the best automotive sales aptitude assessment training tool on the market today.

So much is on the line these days and automobile companies cannot afford to take the incredible risks they have been taking when hiring sales consultants. Dealers across the country continue to struggle with high turnover and low production on their sales teams. As part of the comprehensive hiring process, Hire the Winners has the answer today's dealer needs. Knowing that every person hired is critical to the dealer's success. Hire the Winners helps them assess the risk before spending large amounts of time and money.

Hire the Winners is committed to helping dealers build strong teams by implementing effective processes and we believe that together we will help companies find, hire and RETAIN the best talent available.

The Management Team of the Car Sales Simulator® consists of automotive professionals committed to making the sales process more effective for dealers everywhere. The program is supported by MINDFRAME, one of the leading web service developers, providing on-going support, design and program enhancement.

Steve Munyan, President of Hire the Winners, has more than 40 years of successful business experience in sales, management, ownership and operational partner of Hire the Winners.

Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit was realized when he purchased his first business, Olympic Trophies in 1975. After selling his business, Steve became a successful automotive salesman selling over 1,000 vehicles and winning various awards for high performance. Steve’s second business, Olympic Fitness Center became a reality in 1982. Helping people attain their physical goals, providing members with excellent equipment and facilities were a few of the reasons for the growth of this business. In addition to improving physically, Steve started a bible study in the fitness center to help people grow spiritually as well. After selling Olympic Fitness Center, Steve returned to the automotive business where he became a General Sales Manager in 1986 and General Manager in 1989. In 1992 Steve left the automobile business and started Team Builders Consulting. He was contracted by Chrysler and Saturn Corporations to create a more customer friendly buying experience with customer focused processes. As a subject matter expert in automotive retail, Steve and his team consulted, wrote and implemented culture change, sales processes and new product launches. This was achieved through numerous high energy workshops, Ride & Drive initiatives and in-store consulting. In 1995 Steve became partner and General Manager at Addy’s Harbor Imports where he took a store that was losing money and turned it around by implementing customer focus processes and hiring great people. In November of 1998 Steve became General Manager of Flow Auto Plaza in Winston-Salem, NC and was offered a partnership in 2001. Steve remained with the Flow organization until 2008 when he partnered with Lee Kemp as President of Hire the Winners. Steve has a deep passion for helping people. He brought this passion to Hire the Winners during one of the most challenging economic times in the recent past. Working with friends and business owners, as well as listening to his customers, Steve is using his God-given gifts to grow a successful recruiting and staffing company.

Steve has served as past president of Salem Pregnancy Care Center in Winston-Salem. He has also served on Buick and Cadillac regional marketing boards. Steve has actively been involved in various church activities and committees. He is presently serving on the Deacon Board at Ocean View Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. Steve brings the necessary experience and leadership that is needed to attack real-life challenges in today's market.

Steve enjoys sharing life with his four children and eleven grandchildren. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, gardening and golf (time permitting). Steve's faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of his life. He has been privileged to study and teach God's Word for the past 40 years which is the driving force in his love for people. 

Hire the Winners takes all the aggravation and frustration out of screening resumes, locating recruits, making the initial contact, interviewing and pre-qualifying candidates for Carolina Cool to hire. Hire the Winners saved us time, energy, effort, a few gray hairs, and even money. We went from paying three employee search firms/sites where we attempted to contact and or interview an excessive number of mediocre candidates. Currently, we are only paying one employee recruitment firm and it is Hire the Winners all the way! This is a great place to have qualified candidates delivered directly to you in a nice neat package for you to preview. They even help set-up the time and day of their interview that is convenient for you and the potential employee. In addition, they take the time to follow-up and see how the interview process went. I strongly recommend using Hire the Winners to build your team!

Kyle Rahner, General Manager: Carolina Cool Heating and Air Conditioning

I enjoyed the rapid response, the pleasant staff and the pre-screening activities that take place. For us it worked out great because even though we were unsuccessful with a candidate initially, Hire the Winners stayed in contact with them and we were eventually able to hire a great new Team member. For myself, the time that I saved by not having to do all the research and initial interviews is a huge value and the folks at Hire the Winners were fantastic throughout the entire process. I will use them again!

Jamie Broadhurst, President: Century 21 Broadhurst & Associates, Inc.
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