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Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams
Hire The Winners - Building Effective Teams

Looking for employment?

Our Winning Services.

Hire the Winners has a way to better assess a candidate's character and personality traits. The video scenarios put a person in real life situations assessing the applicant's ability to connect with customers, reach a buying agreement and desire to learn from others.

Hire the Winners Recruiting Service will save you money, make your life easier and find you Winners! Our Recruiting Service provides you with a comprehensive online advertising campaign including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Careerbuilder, resume researching, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter) and email blasts from our database as well as professionally designed ads from your online application. We find, screen and deliver qualified candidates. This allows you and your team to stay focused on doing what you do best. We email you ready to interview candidates with all the information needed to make an informed hiring decision.

The Sales Simulator is an online video employee screening tool designed to measure a person's level of sales aptitude in 20 minutes. It's a series of short videos followed by multiple choice answers. The applicant will view a video and choose the answer that he/she believes will best lead the customer to make a purchase decision.

When the applicant is finished you will know the level of: Closing Ability, Motivation, Empathy and Investigation skills. The applicant will be rated: Recommended, Recommended With Reservation or Not Recommended. You will have access to all the video scenarios as well as the applicant's answers. The Car Sales Simulator can be used to screen applicants, interview candidates, identify training needs of your current sales or service team and build your data base.

Helping Companies Find Great People

I enjoyed the rapid response, the pleasant staff and the pre-screening activities that take place. For us it worked out great because even though we were unsuccessful with a candidate initially, Hire the Winners stayed in contact with them and we were eventually able to hire a great new Team member. For myself, the time that I saved by not having to do all the research and initial interviews is a huge value and the folks at Hire the Winners were fantastic throughout the entire process. I will use them again!

Jamie Broadhurst, President: Century 21 Broadhurst & Associates

Conducting business with Hire the Winners is easy and working with Rod is great. The candidates we have been provided have been vetted so I don’t have to waste my time interviewing unqualified personnel. In our market you cannot find technicians! You can try to buy them but there is still a huge shortage. The many technicians we hired have proven to be winners! We appreciate the help. Unless you are in the central Indiana market I would recommend using Hiring the Winners – in central Indiana they are all mine!

Kathryn Cameron, Director of Fixed Operations: Ed Martin Automotive Group