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Testimonials from our Customers

As a long time Fixed Operations Manager, I have often been frustrated with finding and screening qualified employees. Traditional newspaper and single site online ads simply do not work. Then I found Hire the Winners. Hire the Winners provided full service recruiting that was tailored specifically to the dealership industry. I have successfully hired three of their provided candidates, two of which were the first candidates they sent! Posting positions is very quick and easy. Since they know my business, I don't have to teach them my needs. I would recommend Hire The Winners to any dealership management in need of successful hires.

Dale Boreing, Fixed Operations Manager: Bill DeLord Buick GMC Cadillac

We have been using Hire the Winners over the past few years. We've been thrilled with the service. The value you receive for the money spent is outstanding. Our Account Manager Darcel is amazing. She's responsive, quick and caring. Using Hire the Winners is really a no brainer. It provides a process for hiring people that we can afford and stick to.

Jill Merriam, Dealer: Key Automotive Group

What I like best about the Hire the Winners Hiring Process is that I get pre-screened, qualified candidates to choose from. I can quickly review each candidate and see what their strengths and weakness are based on the scoring system. One of the major benefits to using Hire the Winners Recruiting Service is it saves me time. The initial phone interview is done for me which frees up my time. I would recommend Hire the Winners to other companies who are looking for pre-screened candidates, giving a better pool of qualified applicants from which to choose.

Donna Lane, Business Development Manager: Richards Honda

I really like the Hire the Winners hiring process because they prescreen qualified applicants so that it makes our internal hiring process smoother and more efficient. For example, we're not spending unnecessary hours interviewing, talking, and running background checks on unqualified applicants. We've benefited from Hire the Winners Recruiting Service through having several applicants that we've hired stay long term (thus reducing turnover and the associated expenses). We've promoted from within using these hires. Other companies can benefit from using Hire the Winners by handing off the initial recruiting, interviewing, and qualifying process to a reputable and competent company, therefore saving the company time and money! Not only will they save time and money, but also will benefit from having more capable employees that will generate additional revenue and save more time - it's a double win!

Ben Dameron, Sales Manager: Coastal Nissan

Hire the Winners has been an extremely important addition to our team. It has always been and will always be a challenge to find excellent people to staff our stores. Hire the Winners eliminates the guesswork from hiring. They find qualified people, vet them and send them into the store. I used to spend hours interviewing people that just couldn't do the job. Now I only interview qualified applicants. If they fit into the company culture, I hire them on the spot. Because we have Hire the Winners, my team is getting better, I'm never held hostage by bad help, and I can focus on cultivating excellent talent. I don't have to waste my time with the mediocre.

David West, General Sales Manager: Al West Chrysler

Coastal Chevrolet-Cadillac has used the “Hire the Winners” Service a number of times over the past year and have been extremely pleased. Their staff listens to what an employer needs in regards to a job opening, post that position on their website, screen all potential applicants based on their qualifications and forward only those who meet the specific requirements of the employer. By using their service, we did not have to weed through hundreds of applications to find the best qualified candidate for our job. This service is truly an asset to any company with any type of job opening.

Sean Pauley, Service Manager: Coastal Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc.

Conducting business with Hire the Winners is easy and working with Rod is great. The candidates we have been provided have been vetted so I don’t have to waste my time interviewing unqualified personnel. In our market you cannot find technicians! You can try to buy them but there is still a huge shortage. The many technicians we hired have proven to be winners! We appreciate the help. Unless you are in the central Indiana market I would recommend using Hiring the Winners – in central Indiana they are all mine

Kathryn Cameron, Director of Fixed Operations: Ed Martin Automotive Group

The quantity and quality of service applicants has been a huge asset since using your services. The process of letting you find qualified candidates and perform the initial interview is a huge time saver and allows me to meet the technicians and advisors with the most potential that are qualified to work in our shop. The take away for me is that many people want a job but because of your services we have the right people showing up wanting to have their career with us!

Bruce Berry, Owner: International Auto Works

Hire the Winners hiring process is fast and efficient. It's so helpful to have someone do the initial screening and save us time and money. I would recommend Hire the Winners to any company looking for good people.

Geoff Eade, Dealer: Bentley High Point

A business colleague suggested to me that I acquire a service to assist me with my hiring procedures. After having done business with Hire the Winners previously, he recommended them to me. Now I have been business partners with Hire the Winners for nearly 5 years. We don't generally need to hire many people for our company, but when I do, it is a quick and easy process and the quality of the applicant is much above what you would get going through other applicant sources due to the screening process that is used. Obviously, there is no perfect system out there for hiring, but Hire the Winners is very close to it. About the Car Sales Simulator....It is amazing how accurate Hire the Winners is analyzing the candidate. We had a young applicant once that the test results revealed that he was moderately recommended but with proper training and increased time spent with him, he would make a good salesperson. And that is just what happened. I would recommend Hire the Winners to anyone looking for a seamless, simple, non-confrontational and affordable way of hiring.

Trace Bratton, General Manager: Bill Gatton Honda

Linda, you and your team, as always are awesome! No matter where I’m at in the country with dealers, Hire the Winners always delivers results!!!

Erik Stuttz: Founder, Automotive Legends Group

I have used Hire the Winners for many years now and in multiple markets. If you want “ninja’s” that understand the automotive business and can get results for your staffing needs, then this is YOUR company. Day or night, this team will provide you with a turnkey product. They will send you qualified candidates with an auto-based scoring criteria along with a resume and a recommendation. Our teams have successfully hired Managers, Salespeople, Advisors, Techs, and support staff in all areas of the dealership. Not just sales. We have enough heavy lifting to do in our business. It’s nice to be able to spend our time and attention to a higher quality candidate when we demand a higher quality employee to deal with our next generation customers, who are the life blood of our business. Why hire a “fan” when you can hire a “winner.”

Darin Wade,Dealer Partner/General Manager: Krause Family Ford

Karen, I want to thank you for your assistance in hiring our service advisor. I would recommend you to any dealership who already has a great deal on their plate. Finding and hiring the right personnel is time consuming and always a challenge. Your company provided a great source of applicants and the fact that you were able to do the ground work and cut down the list of applicants to just the qualified batch made it much easier and quicker for us to fill the position

Barry Axelrod, Dealer: Axelrod Buick GMC

I enjoyed the rapid response, the pleasant staff and the prescreening activities that take place. For us it worked out great because even though we were unsuccessful with a candidate initially, Hire the Winners stayed in contact with them and we were eventually able to hire a great new Team member. For myself, the time that I saved by not having to do all the research and initial interviews is a huge value and the folks at Hire the Winners were fantastic throughout the entire process. I will use them again!

Jamie Broadhurst, President: Century 21 Broadhurst

Our company, a midsize GM dealership of 58 years, has used Hire the Winners for job recruiting for years. Their staff is very organized and efficient. When you need quality candidates for any position, they deliver them. Recently we ran 3 campaigns and all were successful. Ben helped us recruit and successfully hire a Technician, a BDC Manager and a Service Advisor. I remain very pleased with the results I get from Hire the Winners and their pricing is fair. I recommend Hire the Winners.

Warren Lewis/Partner: Klick- Lewis Buick

Hire the Winners takes all the aggravation and frustration out of screening resumes, locating recruits, making the initial contact, interviewing and pre-qualifying candidates for Carolina Cool to hire. Hire the Winners saved us time, energy, effort, a few gray hairs, and even money. We went from paying three employee search firms/sites where we attempted to contact and or interview an excessive number of mediocre candidates. Currently, we are only paying one employee recruitment firm and it is Hire the Winners all the way! This is a great place to have qualified candidates delivered directly to you in a nice neat package for you to preview. They even help set-up the time and day of their interview that is convenient for you and the potential employee. In addition, they take the time to follow-up and see how the interview process went. I strongly recommend using Hire the Winners to build your team!

Kyle Rahner, General Manager: Carolina Cool Heating & Air Conditioning